A Company Run By Systems Administrators

We are very proud about our heritage - Zentrifugal is a hosting company that is led and managed by real Systems Administrators. As techies - who have been involved with the Web since its infancy - we have witnessed what works and what doesn't. We put that knowledge to good use, making sure that Web servers are run with security and reliability in mind - at all times.

We think Web hosting is a gorgeous, gorgeous business; it allows us to do what we enjoy doing the most - tinkering with computers - and make a decent living at the same time. We're fascinated beyond measure with the minutiae of managing Web servers. Our customers witness, on a daily basis, the love and care we put into our jobs. Providing tech support is not a chore for us - it is another opportunity to help somebody with a technical problem.

As Systems Administrators, we are a cautious bunch. We don't get excited about every passing fad in the tech industry. We only use software products that are battle-tested and proven - such as Linux and Apache. Our approach to system upgrades is holistic and methodical. Most of our clients rely on their Web sites to run their businesses and for them stability and reliability count far more than having the latest gee-whiz feature. Server downtime is the least pleasant aspect of Systems Administrators' lives and we go to great lengths to minimize it.

We can't guarantee 100% satisfaction, but we can definitely deserve it!!