Zentrifugal - A Success Story

Zentrifugal is an American company with a truly international focus. Headquartered in New York, we serve clients in more than 40 countries.

Zentrifugal was started by technologists who saw a clear need for a customer-focused hosting company -- a company delivering true client care and customer service; solid and secure network infrastructure; and backed by excellent features and pricing. The founders of Zentrifugal had worked for various Wall Street financial houses and had a clear understanding of mission-critical nature of IT services. They poured their heart and soul in starting Zentrifugal and continue striving to be the best hosting company in the world.

Today, Zentrifugal is a leader in the hosting industry, providing reliable hosting solutions for small and medium sized businesses, supporting technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Microsoft FrontPage. Zentrifugal continues to exceed our clients' expectations for uptime, support, and customer care.

Our Clients

Zentrifugal provides hosting services to businesses of all types and sizes. Primarily, we host sites for web designers, web design studios, software writers, graphic design shops, ad agencies, brand developers, new media evangelists, and the "clients" of "our clients". We host sites for small "mom & pop" e-commerce storefronts, all the way to handling high-traffic database-driven community sites.

Since the very beginning, we have attracted a particular type of a client -- demanding and technically-savvy. In fact, a vast majority of our clients have been using the Internet for at least 5 years!! Many experienced webmasters and designers became our clients; and when they were satisfied with our services, they referred their clients to us. Word-of-mouth has been the single largest source of new client referrals for us.

Our Business Philosophy

We're not perfect and we do make mistakes. The secret is to apologize and rectify the mistake. No need to use smoke and mirrors. Just be open and honest.